RE: [*] QuickCam

Alfred Coward (alfredc@Onramp.NET)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 10:06:59 -0500

While I was at the store looking for a PC/QuickCam (haven't found one =
yet) I saw a adapter that converts the Mac QuickCam to use on a PC. =
However, the price was $125. Just for the adapter. More than the price =
of a second QuickCam!

BTW, the store I was at was Computer City.

From: Dirk Paul Flach[]
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 1995 3:51 AM
Subject: [*] QuickCam

Hi there,

I apologize since this is slightly off-topic, however it concerns =
since I want to use it as a tool for this program.

I've been thinking about buying the Connectix QuickCam. However, it =
hard to get good information about this product. My problem is as =
At home I use a Mac, at work I have to use PC's. I understand that the =
of the QuickCam is the same for both platforms, but the way of =
connecting is
different (serial/SCSI?).

It would be great though to use it on both platforms. Or am I asking too
much? Is there a way to workaround this problem? (provided I have the
software for both platforms...).

Thanks for anyone who can shed a light on this.

Dirk Paul

Alfred H. Coward