Which PC framegrabber is recommended?

Brandon S. Dewberry (brandon@caribou.msfc.nasa.gov)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 08:43:18 -0500 (CDT)

We're working on a set of applications which support distributed
project teams. CU-SeeMe is one of the apps. We've got Macs and
Sun clients working great, and now we (I) need help integrating

I read the compat.txt file and ordered a Creative Labs Video
Blaster SE100. After installing it and the VFW drivers all I
get is a nice still of snow in the local window. There is
nothing in the VB docs about setting up the board for use by
other applications. I can't find any way of configuring
CU-SeeMe specifically for this board. Hints anyone?

But my main reason for this note is to ask which PC board that
folks prefer. Which one works the best with CU-SeeMe, doesn't
interfere with other apps on the system (Netscape and an X
server), provides room for growth into a better CU-SeeMe, and
doesn't require any other special hardware. Other niceties are
working well with Win95, has both audio and video
(anyone making these?) and comes with an inexpensive but quality camera.

We picked the SE100 because it was on the compatibility list and
easy to locate. But we're not married to it.

Any other suggestions?

(205) 544-4247