Re: OpenTransport & CU-SeeMe

U2 (
Wed, 25 Oct 95 12:22:19 -0700

>I got the same problem. But when is 1.0.8 coming out?
>Also, when I try to send audio, all the the other parties hear is
>NOISE! *This is using MacTCP*.
>Anybody getting Audio to work on a 7500,8500 or 9500?

You're correct, my audio only makes crappy noises from ANY source. I dont
think that is a MacTCP kind of thing but a sound manager/Sound & Displays

I am almost convinced that my problems of maintaining a high traffic
connection relate to a "missing link" since the TCP/IP libraries have
been removed [Open Transport remnants trying to maintain some buffer in
TCP/IP that normally flushes itself, now without OT TCP/IP it will just
"blow up"]. I just got 1.0.8. installed. I dont know when it will be
"public" but watch for more info.

Ulan King
Apple Computer, Inc.