Re: Packets piling up...

John R. Haggis (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 16:00:25 -0700

Teleport said:

>even on a ethernet connection. The combination produces vastly more
>packets than can be transmitted over a modem line, causing a growing
>backlog of undelivered, and undeliverable packets. Those packets collect
>on our side within the router, and degrade its performance visibly. As

And you better believe it!

When I come in on a Monday morning, you should see all the undeliverable
packets... all over the floor, the desks, the chairs, up the walls; it
takes an hour or two just to clean up that mess!

My cleaning bills have gone up 500% since CUSM came out.

- JohnR

P.S.: RonCO is entering the digital age with a self-cleaning Router; at
3am it jackes its speed up from T1 to Ethernet rates and burns out all those
pesky undelivered packets. UL approved.

John R. Haggis                            

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." (Pogo)