quickcam for the pc

Laurel Fry (wind@accucomm1.accucomm.america.net)
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 00:19:49 GMT

Well.... I received my quickcam for my pc and what a letdown.. I knew that
the picture quality would not be very good, but I thought I could at least
use it... not so....
First, no matter what I do, I cannot get a picture (using cu-seeme software,
latest version).... the pic is very, very white, and adjusting all the
controls does not help. Second, if I do see something that vagely resembles
me, it is double.... like a split picture of the same thing. Third and most
disturbing, is it says STOP at the bottom left hand portion of my picture
window and no matter WHAT I do, including turning off my computer and bring
the file up again, I cannot get rid of it. I dont even know how I got STOP
to show up to begin with....

I know there are some quickcam users for pc's out there somewhere, because I
have seen washed out looking pics when I have been on reflectors. I know it
can be done, but with poor quality...

Can someone who has the quickcam, and also has a PC and also CAN send pics
to a reflector (even tho it will be poor quality) please tell me what
adjustments I can make, and how do I get rid of that dern STOP thingy...

Also, do you folks think that since White Pines will be taken over Cu-seeme,
are THEY the ones to contact about what kinds of fixes they should be
thinking about in their next version, or will it still be cornell? Whom do
I E-mail, if I wish to write to the developers of this program, or more to
the point, the folks who will be writing the NEXT VERSION with (hopefully)
fixes for the PC....

Any and all help would be appreciated.. I sure dont want to have to go out
and buy a video capture board after I spent $100.00 for this quickcam, but I
dont want to wait 6 months or more for a fix by either Whit Pines or Cornell...

Thanks in advance,
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