Portable Wireless Camera

Bob Laquey (bobl@zgroup.compuvar.com)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 16:14:02 -0700

Friend came in today with following demo:

1) RadioShack portable TV
a) Smaller than a Sony Walkman
b) Cost about $100

2) Little black and white video camera (about $100)

3) Camera is connected to a low power transmitter
a) Range about 300 ft
b) Kit available for $150 (a little soldering
and you are on the air)

4) Both gadgets battery powered (could be solar)

5) All of the parts weigh less than 10 pounds with
most weight in batteries

The setup makes a wireless video system pretty easy to setup.
Would work well with CUSeeMe. I forgot to check to see if
Radio Shack receiver had video output.

Really useful for performance oriented stuff, action sports etc.
Freeze frames, etc.