PC version audio settings for lurking?

Dave Kroh (dpkroh@mansci1.uwaterloo.ca)
Thu, 26 Oct 95 00:15:40 -0400

Hello Everyone

Sorry if these are old questions.. but I just restored myself to this list
after several months absence due to my trip to Africa.


I just got a 28800 modem for my home PC and I now seem to be able to do
reasonable audio on some reflectors. Since I do not have a quickcam yet, is
there a way I can select 16kb 100msec audio from the windows CU-Seeme.ini
file or elsehwere?

2) Is anyone using the new windows quick cam - does it work with CUSM?

3) Any news on a talk window for the PC version?

BTW - I am running a 486dx266 PC at home with 12 megs ram and windows 95.
At school I have a powermac AV in my office which I use for CUSM.

-Thanks for your help!!!! :-)

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