Setting up for Broadcast
Thu, 26 Oct 95 15:23:05 EST

Can anyone help me? I have looked for an answer but cannot find one
I want to broadcast CUSEEME via a web site for a Zoo. I would like
multiple people to be able to look at the CUSEEME at the same time.
I am an ISP running a 128K ISDN connection via a number of LINUX
Pentium 90's and 120's with heaps of ram. The machine to capture the
video is a p90 with 64Mbs RAM and a WinTV card from Hauppauge with
Video for Windows already installed on it.
Will this config work and how do I set it up? Do I need a 'reflector
site'(what are they anyway?) for multiple poeple to view the video or
can they all (approx 6) connect to the pc doing the capturing?
Please help as I need toanswer this question asap.
Thanks heaps in advance,

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