New ?: gocuseeme for Unix

olivier PAGE (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 17:52:14 +0100

I've set up a little script for Unix users
who want to use a kind of gocuseeme
and then launch videoconf tools via their WWW browser:

Requirements : NV and VAT

How to use it :
cut and paste the following script
in a directory suitable for your PATH,
with the name poor_script for example.
#!/bin/csh -f

set liste = `cat $1`
echo $liste
echo $liste[1]
nv -encoding cuseeme -xmitGrey -xmitSize small $liste[1] 4444 $liste[2] &
vat $liste[1]/3456&

add in your .mailcap the following line ( or create a new .mailcap):
text/cu-seeme; poor_script %s

then find a link to a xxx.csm file
( for ex
you will find 2 links to esm2.csm and indy1.csm )

click... that's all

Olivier P.

P.S: Ok, it won't work if NV PORT != 4444 and VAT PORT !=3456
But I'm waiting for a release in text/cu-seeme MIME type
to include these info ....
P.S2:Why the reflectors lists doesn't take care of these pms ?
P.S3:And sorry for my bad english one more time ...