RE:Fixing the QuickCam

Bob Summers (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 17:21:38 +0600

- Larry Chace (cornell) stated:
>Just as a matter of clarification, the Windows version of CU-SeeMe does
>*not* contain hard-coded support for only certain digitizers. The
>Macintosh version does contain such a list. Confusion on this point, it
>seems, prevented early testing of the QuickCam and CU-SeeMe for Windows.

I hope that I did not introduce any confusion into this matter. It just
seems that Cornell has had access to the Quickcam and its technical staff
for a while and has not solved this problem. Like I said in the message, it
only took me two hours to make the change so that the Quickcam worked with
my Teleconferencing software and I am sure that I am using the same Windows
device calls that you are.