Re: Hardware Suggestions

Chuck Elliot (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 09:41:42 -0400

Beware! At present the PC Quickcam does not work properly with
CUSM (apparently). This (I believe) is owing to its production of 6bit
greyscale and
not 4bit, as CUSM likes. Users report either a washed out image or
a normal one which only fills half the video window.

>Very interested...
>>cheapest option is Connectix Quickcam for PC just out.
>>No capture card needed, plugs into parallel port direct.
>>sells in u.s. for $99
>I would like to have their phone number if possible, if they have an
>-800 that would be better but post both because the -800 # might not
>be accessible from Canada.
>>Next best: Videologic Captivator card + any PAL, NTSC or SECAM
>>camera - cheap CCD devices are available - or use a camcorder.
>Harris Claude
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