Re: OpenTransport 1.0.8-Final Thread
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 16:48:33 -0600

At 7:17 AM 10/27/95, U2 wrote:
>>Now that I have installed 1.0.8 and everything seems well so far.... What's
>>this all about "NOT" using it... and pulled from all servers?
>Engineering found that the "reported" error they found was not what they
>had first believed. At 3:00PM they put it back on the servers for public
>AM: It is announced "URGENT" don't use it. The word is passed on.
>PM: It changes to 'oops, it's Okay now.'
>Now many of us folks feel like the boy who cried wolf!


Thanks for the reply.

>From comming from a mac IIfx for the last four years struggling artists
here to now a 9500/132... loaded with ram I feel like I am dreaming when I
do artworks 3d and low end stuff...

Radius video ard for video with potoshop acceleration.. WOW!!! I can't say
enuff about the system I have and the new potential it gives me to go were
I could not before...

I have open transport working fine.. everything is fine... EXCEPT.. freeppp
is siad there is a problem with it? 1.0.1 is what I have and I tun off
vertual memory and things are fine

Were can I find freeppp newer version so I can have vertual memory on?

Also... sorry ... Eudora has a strange thing going on when I attach a file
to it like a small gif or jpeg. The file send great... but when I get it
back it is all text... One of Six or something like that? and it asks me
if I want to leave it on the server or download it?

Downloading it works fine but misses the attachment file in Eudora and puts
it in the Eudora folder... no ptoblem... but the problem is that it splits
the files into text and not just one email... many of just text symbols?

Got any idea's?

Thanks for your time and replying... If there is anything I can do for you
don't be afraid to ask!

Thanks again... See ya on the net!


mark wilczenski

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Computer graphics artist