All PC MS Windows Quickcam users please READ!

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 18:10:32 +0800

Sorry for not responding sooner but we have been working away at giving you all
a solution.

What we are planning to do mid to late next week (Nov 1 - 3'rd) is to put on
our web pages at White Pine "" a link
to download our Alpha version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe. This does not contain
all of our new functionality but does contain the fixes to support the
Quickcam in 16 and 64 Gray Color modes as well as a number of other bug
fixes and web launching changes.

This is an Alpha version of the commercial software so you will be asked to
give your email address when downloading it and we will mail you a Demo License
Key that will let you use it. This will enable those who have or want
to get a Connectix camera to work now. Those of you who only want to use the
Freeware from Cornell will be able to get the fixes from them some time
soon after this.

Please Note:
Because this is an Alpha of the work going on at White Pine it contains
an automated installer which will install a number of dll's etc. to support
the changes we have added (eg. support for MFC etc.).

This is not forcing anyone to buy the comercial version but we are making it
generally available for a demo period for those who need it to work with
their nice new camera! The Demo lasts for 30 days and you can can extend
the demo from us if you need more time for the Freeware version.

Hope this helps all with this problem, the Connectix camera is a nice
inexpensive solution to Desktop Video Conferencing and we intend to fully
support it.

David Bundy
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