Lan Workplace and CU-SeeMe

Rich Kennerly (
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 09:45:11 -0400

Windows Users:

A user has apparently figured out why Lan Workplace does not usually
work with CU-SeeMe. You must specify 30 or less sockets for UDP and
TCP in order for things to work, see below. Thanks a lot, Samuel :)

-Rich Kennerly - <> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 19:58:33 -0400
From: "Samuel A. Gray III" <>
To: (Richard B Kennerly)
Subject: lanworkplace & cuseeme

update on the problem with lan workplace and cuseeme.

You supposedly have up to 32 tcp and udp connections available with lwp 4.2.
But it won't work with udp_settings set to 32. set it to 30 or less and you're

(excuse the wordwrapping here)

Protocol TCPIP
; bind 3c5x9
bind hpfeodi
path lwp_cfg c:\xln\hstacc
path tcp_cfg c:\xln\tcp
path script c:\xln\script
path profile c:\xln\profile
; for sysman, for cbmse: 123
; ip_address
; sets max# of concurrent tcp & udp connections.
; You must have one buffer per socket used.

; 1 udp socket per udp application.
tcp_sockets 30
udp_sockets 30
raw_sockets 1
; the rest are for netbios, use 0 since
; we don't use netbios.
nb_sessions 0
nb_commands 0
nb_adapter 0

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