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Bill Woodland (
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 11:37:12 -0500

>Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 09:33:55 EDT
>Subject: Re: proposal for finding people to chat with
>Cc: <>
> From: (Bill Woodland)

>>Try the Undernet Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel #CU-SeeMe. That's one of
>>the reasons we created the channel. You can also get interactive technical
>>help from others that way have had similar experiences. Interactive help is
>>>I've visited this chat channel twice and most people there seemed to be just
>>>general chatters, most of whom had never heard of cu-seeme...(?)
>> Are you sure that you were on the Undernet #CU-SeeMe channel? Be sure that
>> you are on an Undernet server, and that you spell the channel name with the
>> dash. If you were at the right place, what time of day was it, and what
>> part of the world are you at? People come and go all thru the day, so if
>> you need help, you might try it a few more times. Ask the people that have
>> the @ sign (channel operators) beside their nicknames for help. Most of the
>> regular channel operators should be able to help you or find someone that
>> Please let me know of any results. Thanks.

>Funny, when I went there (yes it was undernet, #CU-seeme, middle of the
day) it
>was nothing but a bunch of morons playing irc "grab-ass". Kind of embarassing
>to see supposed adults talking to each other like 5th graders." x *kisses*
y. y
>sits on x's lap and says mmmmmmm". I asked a simple question about
>and was basically told to shut up while they *kiss*ed and *hugg*ed.
>If you're an @perator there you're doing a bang-up job...
>And if this is the caliber of discussion one can take part in on
>CU-seeme...thanks but no thanks.

Thanks very much for this info. First I must say that I am not there 24
hours a day and cannot keep this kind of thing from happening. The people
in the channel do tend to act somewhat like it's #netsex sometimes, and it
is embarrassing to me, but I don't want to discourage them from having a
good time there. I *DO* expect the operators there to try to help people
that have problems.

There is usually a "BOT" in the channel with the nickname of SQ_X. When you
join the channel it should send you a notice saying to type /msg sq_x -info
for more information about the channel. If you didn't get that notice, try
again. The -info will send you a little basic information and offer some
other 'dash' commands that you can do, like -cuseeme for some info on
cu-seeme, -cuzip to have the latest PC version sent to you via DCC, -cumac
for the MAC version, -mirc for mIRC (the best IRC client for the PC that I
know of), -homer for the MAC IRC client, and -reflist for a list of public

If you got the notice and ignored it, then I'm not surprised if the people
in the channel were somewhat rude to you. We get new people joining the
channel all the time, and they all ask the same questions, particularly for
a reflector list, and especially for "hot reflectors". It gets pretty
annoying when SQ_X is there to offer it but people ignore the things that it
offers. We do expect people to be able to read the notice and follow its
directions. If you don't have an IRC client that is capable of doing DCC
file transfers then visit the web page (URL is in my email signature at the
end of this message) that I setup and get a copy of MIRC or Homer and go
back to the channel for the /msg sq_x -reflist.

If you were in the channel and SQ_X was NOT there, then I can't blame you
for being pissed at the way you were treated. As I said, I am not there 24
hours a day, but will be glad to help you if you join the channel when I am
there. Hopefully the other operators will be more pleasant and helpful to
you next time you join.

Bang up job, huh? Thanks, Tim, but at least I am trying. Besides, once you
get CU-SeeMe working just how much more discussion do YOU need? Maybe these
so called "morons" already know more than you do.

Bill Woodland (
Squeek on Undernet IRC
Channel Manager #CU-SeeMe