Re: Dial-A-Porn using CU-SeeMe ???

Cristian G. Bergweiler (
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 12:16:07 -3

a j annala worte:

> Has anyone noticed the dial-a-porn service at
> is explicitly offering the current freely
> distributed version of CU-SeeMe to attempt to enhance their ability
> to take profits from economic and sexual exploitation of women? One
> wonders whether they have applied for license CU-SeeMe for this
> purpose. One also wonders whether the unrestrained use of CU-SeeMe
> for this purpose might not attract undue attention from those who
> would seek to regulate access to & content of INTERNET
> transmissions.
One wonders if you are you proposing to restrain, regulate, censor
before others do? Let Cu-SeeMe get as much exposure as it can and
let everbody decide for itself what to do with it. Or maybe we could
also start censoring 'undue' telephone use ...


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