Re: CU-Seeme for Windows & Quickcam

Michael A. Pollock (
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 10:16:20

>CU-SeeMe for Windows does not presently work with Quickcam for Windows.
>Cornell and
>White Pine developers have not provided a timetable for release of a version
>that will work with that camera. If they have any enthusiasm for doing so,
>they have not expressed it on this mail list.

I posted my question prior to receiving my Windows QuickCam. Since
I got it, I've used CU-SeeMe with the quickcam under Win95. It
works, thought the video has a "washed-out" look to it at 64 grays.
(Sorry, don't have any video tech background to ude better
terminology). 16 grays gives a half-size double image with porrer

FWIW, the receptionist at White Pine said they were testing the
QuickCam with their version for possible future support.

Thanks for the replies.

Mike, Pound Ridge, NY