Re: Let's Try Some Telemedicine

Robert Hsiung (
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 09:56:56 -0600

At 8:17 AM 11/11/94, Tim Kaiser wrote:

>I am interested to see how CU-SeeMe could work for Telemedicine.
>So, I want to try some "telemedical consultation"
>to readers of the CU-SeeMe list for a month just to see what
>develops (this is all free, so don't worry - I am just seeing how
>this works out . . )

I hope you'll share the results of your experiment with us (as well as get
them published!).

We're planning a project ourselves and have run into a couple thorny
issues. I'd be curious what you think about:

1. licensure: will providing a "telemedical consultation" constitute
practicing medicine -- in the state of the person seeking consultation?

2. what about acute situations that require in-person intervention?

It would be great to make use of this technology (and not just goof around
with it). I hope we can do that. Although I guess it's not a question of
whether, but of when.