Getting it running
Mon, 30 Oct 95 12:21:36

I am trying to get CU-Seeme running through OS/2. I have all of the proper drivers for OS/2, it's just getting Cu-See me to recognize that fact. I just downloaded the newest version and it still says error 1100, and then a few seconds later gives an error saying it can't open some window and then you click ok and it closes.
I have the OS/2 version of winsock.dll which was written by IBM to make sure that Windows programs can communicate with the Internet Connection Software that came with the bonus pack in Warp. That file is in my System dir. I have copied the .dll's that were needed by CU into the system dir of my windows directory as well, and it still says it cannot draw this window of some kind and closes.
I have even created a hosts file and placed it in the C:\ directory, first in the DOS sessions path and that has no effect. I sort of by passed one of the dialog boxes to see if it was recieving the name I wanted in the preferences box and it didn't have the name that I chose and put in my file.
I don't have the hardware to transmit video at this time, but I would like to get this up and running so that I can see video transmitted by others, network tv as it is being called these days. Can someone help?