Loss of connectivity

Mon, 30 Oct 95 04:05:13 0800

I am using version .83b2(PPC) on a 7500 with MACSlip, the OT 1.0.7
patch. It appears that sometimes the Macslip connection gets confused
and when I try to connect to a valid reflector address, I get a no
response message. It does mess up the connection because if I try to run
Netscape it also can't find anything. Sometimes restarting CUSeeme
helps, but usually I have to reboot my computer. If I just run Netscape
usisng the same ISP/MacSlip connection, I don't have the problem. I also
use other communications programs with no difficulty so I'm sure it's
not the Modem.

Any ideas?

Please send answer back to Pbeer@aol.com (this is my wife's internet
account I'm using now)

Thanks for any help.