C. Nevins (
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 23:18:58 -0700

After trying a series of cards (none working with CUSEEME) I finally found
someone selling the old TV card from Reveal TV300, which is listed as
compatible. I have it installed and can watch tv and capture video.

My problem is CUSEEME doesn't recognize the hardware on the system. Every
time CUSEEME starts up I have no local window and I do NOT have the options
to change video option or video source. I can't believe how much time and
money I've spent so far just trying to get this BETA to work. If anyone can
help please let me know how I can MAKE CUSEEME see this "compatible"
hardware which I run in Windows. This is my last try with CUSEEME. I am not
about to get any other equipment. HELP!