satellite downlink to CU-SeeMe..?

paul sentner (
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 01:47:56 -0500

Opinions please:

..the situation:

..a college with four campuses, two of which have dishes for satv reception.
..people from the non-dish campuses must travel to the othe campuses if they
want to see various transmissions.

..could the received signal be routed to a reflector for access via
networked stations at the various campuses, via CU-SeeMe? anyone doing this? Is it feasible with "ordinary" hardware, etc. (that
is, as Groucho used to say: ordinary stuff you find around the house
(campus) :) )?

..excuse my lack of depth re: the technical aspects of the this matter.


--paul-- paul sentner
pittsburgh, pennsylvania