Re: Official Answer!! Quickcam for Windows/Cu-Seeme

Phil Bennett (
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 22:00:35 GMT

Just got this. Answers my previous post and those oof a lot of other people

>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 13:51:04 -0800 (PST)
>From: Vishal Nanda <>
>Subject: Re: Quickcam for Windows/Cu-Seeme
>Hi Phil, I've attached the official reply from White Pine software (people
>who are commercializing CU-Seeme). Hope this helps. Thanks
>- Vishal
>>>>From: (David O. Bundy)
>>>>Subject: All PC MS Windows Quickcam users please READ!
>>>>Sorry for not responding sooner but we have been working away at giving
>you all
>>>>a solution.
>>>>What we are planning to do mid to late next week (Nov 1 - 3'rd) is to put on
>>>>our web pages at White Pine "" a link
>>>>to download our Alpha version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe. This does not contain
>>>>all of our new functionality but does contain the fixes to support the
>>>>Quickcam in 16 and 64 Gray Color modes as well as a number of other bug
>>>>fixes and web launching changes.
>>>>This is an Alpha version of the commercial software so you will be asked to
>>>>give your email address when downloading it and we will mail you a Demo
>>>>Key that will let you use it. This will enable those who have or want
>>>>to get a Connectix camera to work now. Those of you who only want to
use the
>>>>Freeware from Cornell will be able to get the fixes from them some time
>>>>soon after this.
>>>>Please Note:
>>>> Because this is an Alpha of the work going on at White Pine it
>>>>an automated installer which will install a number of dll's etc. to support
>>>the changes we have added (eg. support for MFC etc.).
>>>>This is not forcing anyone to buy the comercial version but we are making it
>>>>generally available for a demo period for those who need it to work with
>>>>their nice new camera! The Demo lasts for 30 days and you can can extend
>>>>the demo from us if you need more time for the Freeware version.
>>>>Hope this helps all with this problem, the Connectix camera is a nice
>>>>inexpensive solution to Desktop Video Conferencing and we intend to fully
>>>support it.
>>>> David Bundy
>>>David O. Bundy
>>>VP Engineering
>>>White Pine Software
>>>40 Simon St.
>>>Nasua NH, 03060
>>>Phone: 603-886-9050
>>>Fax: 603-886-9051
>At 01:34 PM 10/30/95 -0800, wrote:
>>I'm sure you are aware of the problem with using cuseeme with the windows
>>I'm a little surprised this didn't get resolved in alpha or beta testing
>>as it looks like a minor problem and this is probably one of the prime
>>applications of the prooduct.
>>Any word on when/how this will get resolved?
>>TIA Phil.