Re: cu-seeme
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 17:27:57 -0500

At 13:47 10/30/95, wrote:

>Help! I have been trying to d/l cuseeme and get the thing up and running but
>no luck. Questions:
>1) If I'm using AOL is there anywhere in particular that I should d/l all of
>the software (including winsock)?

I have found downloading from with Fetch
excruciatingly slow - 400 bytes/second. Finally, I downloaded to my shell
directory - about 4 1/2 minutes. Then, I used Fetch to download to my
machine; it went fairly quickly at about 2,000 bytes/second. BTW I have GV
28.8 modem, connected at 26.4Kps. I tried with compression on and off - it
didn't make any difference. Of course, the files are .bin, they are not

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