fps? and kbps? with 28.8 connection?

Sean Phoenix (smp@sover.net)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 04:05:37 -0500

I was woundering what an average fps (frames per second) and kbps (kilobytes
per second) would be for a 28.8 PPP connection. I can get upwards of
20-26kbps (when viewing NASA TV), but the fps is usually 0-2. But if I
minimize the Video window and then maximize it again really quick, I can get
the fps to increase and the video seems to move along more. Normally the
video is more like chops of single frames even though the kbps is high.
Perhaps I have a bad video card that can't keep up with the video? Any
sugestions on how to improve performance?

CU-SeeMe for Windows (latest version)
Windows 3.11
8M Memory
28.8 V.34 Modem
Trumpet Winsock
Cirrus SVGA video card (older CL-GD5402)

Thanks for any info/help....