Reflector w/ NV problems

Brandon S. Dewberry (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 10:32:47 -0600 (CST)

we'd like to allow some simple unicast accesses from Sun clients
running nv. I've read alot about this from people's home pages
and tried it out. We get a bus error when the nv client (on a
different Sun) hits the "Start Sending" button.

Has anyone else worked through this?


Reflecting Sun is a SS20 running Solaris 2.3 and the
pre-compiled reflect v4.00b1.

Client Sun is a SS20/Solaris 2.4 running nv version 3.3beta. It
has a Sun video board and camera installed.

The reflect.conf file has

and seems to start fine.

On the client Sun I run nv, set it to cuseeme encoding, small,
grey, and lower the kbps rate. Then I hit "Start Sending"

About the time that the screen comes up on nv, this message
appears on the console of the reflecting machine:

Bus error reflect reflect.conf (core dumped)

and a core file appears, the reflector stops.

in the reflect.log it shows:
NV client at <client ip address> is openning a connection
Time <current time and date> Pkts in 8 Pkts out 0 kbits/sec in 4
kbits/sec out 0

The more I lower the rate on the nv client, the more packets are
received. But eventually it always core dumps.