Multicast -> CuSeeMe problem

Dave Haywood (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 16:49:32 +0000


I am trying to setup an MBONE -> CU-SeeMe "gateway". As an initial test, I
am sending nv video from a Sun workstation to the reflector which I then want
to view on a PC.

The software I am using is:

nv nvbin-3.3beta-sunos5
Reflector reflector-4.0-b3-sunos
cu-seeme W0.70b1

The reflect.conf file has:

max-participants 15 Maximum participants already active. Try again later.
max-senders 15 Maximum number of senders already active. Try again later.
max-lurkers 20 Maximum number of lurkers already active. Try again later.
nv-uc-port 4443
nv-mc-port 4444
nv-streams 4
vat-uc-port 3456
vat-mc-port 4567
vat-conf-id 0
min-mac-version 12 Participation requires CU-SeeMe 0.70b1 or later.
min-pc-version 2 Participation requires CU-SeeMe 0.34 or later.

The PC running CU-SeeMe is at address The Sun transmitting the
CU-SeeMe encoded video from nv is at address The reflector
machine is at

The CU-SeeMe logs show:

NV client at is opening a connection
Time: Tue Oct 31 15:50:16 1995 Pkts in 45 Pkts out 3 kbits/sec in 29
kbits/sec out 0
updating client Dave Haywood client count 1 seq 27
Dave Haywood wants to receive video from sysdth@redwood.shu.
Dave Haywood wants to receive audio from sysdth@redwood.shu.
Time: Tue Oct 31 15:50:26 1995 Pkts in 119 Pkts out 18 kbits/sec in 67
kbits/sec out 12
Time: Tue Oct 31 15:50:36 1995 Pkts in 102 Pkts out 20 kbits/sec in 59
kbits/sec out 11
updating client Dave Haywood client count 2 seq 28

The symptoms are:

1) The reflector sees the video from the sun
2) The PC sees the video session on the reflector
3) The PC opens a video window but no video is seen
4) I can see other CU-SeeMe video streams on the PC from other CU-SeeMe

It appears that the reflector is not passing the video to the PC client for
some reason.

Does anyone already have this working? If so, I'd appreciate a pointer on
where I have gone wrong.


Dave Haywood