SE100 -Reply

Brandon Winbush (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 13:43:39 -0600

I am no expert on CU-SEEME by no means. I am still trying to get it to

We just started using it. You may be able to setup the options that
everyone is talking about, by configuring the video driver under the
control panel.

Creative Labs also has a web site has updated
drivers for the Video Blaster card that you referenced for Windows
3.11, as well as '95.

Can you help me? When I load CU-Seeme, I get an unsupported function
error (twice, consecutively). The software still loads, but the machine
(operating system) crashes when I receive video from another site.

Got any suggestions.

>>> Brandon S. Dewberry <> 10/31/95
10:48am >>>
We have three SE100s here gathering dust. We bought them to use on
PCs with CU-SeeMe (the compat.txt file says they should work).
I'm beginning to feel like we need more driver support or something from
Creative Labs. I've asked this list a couple of times about this. Whoever
has confirmed that the SE100 is compatible is no longer among the living
or has forgotten everything. Please, lets change the compat.txt file if this
thing is incompatible! Or does compatible mean that we get a static
picture of fuzz on the cuseeme window?

So far, from the list I have learned:

Rich Kennerly indicates that the card should be configured as
8bit palletized. I have no way of configuring it as such with the software
that Creative Labs provides.

Eng Chai indicates that with his windows or video blaster software he
has a file called vblaster.drv. He said it was on the "Microsoft Video for
Windows" diskette.

We have msvideo.dll in windows/system. But can't find a file called
vblaster.drv anywhere. Can someone point me to it or send it to me? Is
this the answer?

PLEASE help. We need this to work soon.

Otherwise, PLEASE let me know which PC framegrabber card we can
purchase that is guaranteed to work. Is there one? It may be easier for
me to go out and buy one rather than work with this
SE100 any longer.