[W] Re: (no subject) from Tom Bruce

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 21:30:42 -0600

Tom Bruce asks:

>When a senders video window is closed on my screen (i.e. in the
>non-showing area) is their signal being sent to my computer or is the
>only signal sent the signal of the open windows. It seems that it would
>be more efficient if only the signal of the users that you are interested
>(i.e. showing area) is sent. Especially for 14.4 modems, etc. I am using
>Windows version at 14.4 as a lurker for the present time.

Only the data for the open windows is sent.

>Also If I set my options to 8 windows I still only get a max of 6 on
>screen. It also seems that there is a priority level on the windows that
>can be opened (i.e. if more than 6 people are sending video I can not
>open a window that is # 7 etc. on the list). Is there a way to fix this?

If you are using the PC version, I have had that problem, too. Under
Edit/Preferences turn off the Auto Tile Video Windows option and also the
Save Video Window Positions option. Then use the Window/Tile selection to
bring the windows onto the screen that you have opened. I'm not sure of the
cause for this, but it seems to place some windows outside the boundaries of
the screen entirely, making you think that the window isn't open at all.
The Window/Tile selection will bring them back onto the screen.

>Also how does it work with 28.8 modem on SLIP.
The difference between CU on 14.4 and CU on 28.8 is amazing, tho still
somewhat slow.

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