Re: [W] Re: VideoLogic Captivator & w95

Rogene Talento (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 21:42:43 -0800

At 11:25 PM 10/31/95 -0500, paul sentner wrote:
>Dennis Downs wrote:
>>.... I have tried the captivator by videologic and win95 would
>not >recognize it.
> this really the situation? Is anyone using the Captivator with win95?
>..I have the Captivator, and am planning on win95 soon; I went through the
>negative image thing with the ProMovieStudio card, and am not looking
>forward to incompatibilities with this card and win95 --sheesh.. :]

If you have your Captivator running fine under Windows 3.1, the Captivator
drivers will translate fine if you install Windows95 on top. I believe the
other user was trying to add a Captivator to a system that was already
running Win95.

My Captivator is running fine under Win95 using the old Win3.1 drivers...

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