CU SeeMe W0.70b1 (Windows). New User. Can't send or receive

MHLester (
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 23:23:44 -0800

I downloaded CU SeeMe version W0.70b1 to use on my 486 66 windows 3.11 dos
6.0 system.
I copied all the CU SeeMe files into a new cuseeme directory.
I copied ivslider.dll and msvideo.dll to my windows directory.

I am running Trumpet Winsock version 21f1 with a PPP connection.
I get a different IP address each time I connect.
After I connect with Trumpet Winsock, I note my IP address (if I get one),
and modify my hosts file (with no extension) to show the IP address and tab
over once and enter a user name such as "mhlester."
My hosts file is located in the same directory as my winsock.dll
I modified my autoexec.bat file to include this directory in the path before
DOS. The new path statement (I am not too well versed in DOS, but I guess
this is OK?) is:
I saved the changes and rebooted my computer after I changed my autoexec.bat
I found another hosts file in my Compuserve directory in drive C:, but I
have not deleted it yet.
I have read the read me, the FAQ, and other documentation on using CUSeeMe
for Windows.

I can connect to the reflector OK. I can see a list of participants, and I
can see their video also. But I do not get a window for myself, and I can't
send or receive sound. I do not have a video camera hooked up yet.

Can someone help me over this hurdle, please?

Thanks, Michael

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Michael H. Lester