schwann (
Tue, 1 Oct 96 12:39 EET

Hi List,

I waited nine months for the opportunity to log on to servers where morons
rave and unsympathetic vibrations jostle each other for negative headspace?
With the exception of a stunning oriental girl called Pops, and a chinese
guy called Pete, i've had nothing in the way of conversation, or in fact
even replies to the simplest questions; like: "can u c me?", "can you read
me?","where are you?", etc. Yeh, the mob out there are really not interested
in anything except crotch shots and girls. Now i'm no prude, and if i could
check some interesting body parts out, well so be it. But the general server
traffic at places like Cornell, DotCom, MTV, is of a very displaced nature
and has very little to offer any newbie. There is no positive background
buzz yet, like you get from an IRC channel. Strange, one would assume that
the creme of the planets sophistication in ALL spheres would inhabit this
rarified atmosphere. I mean we are literally breaking through time and space
with this tech. This should be a rush that is difficult to beat. So yeh, i
am disappointed. Not with the tech, but with the people. This medium is just
not being potentialised.

We now orbit a new territory of space-time, an abstract place existing in
dimensions only glimpsed of by advanced mathematics. Such "spaces" cannot be
conceived of in terms of ordinary, three-dimensional reality, they must
instead be thought of as a set of complex space-time co-ordinates. C-TIME?
Co-ordinate time - Cyber-Time? You read it *here* first. Cyberspace *is*
somewhere we can sometimes escape time, a place where tomorrow, today, or
yesterday are sometimes one. Before the 20th century it was assumed
self-evident that a single, universal, uniform time scale existed. There is
a high boggle factor to the thought that two events, widely separated in
space, can now appear to have occurred simultaneously by an independent
observer. This is Far Out!

Now, in order to C what i'm *really* talking about, i have the opportunity
to launch TERENCE MCKENNA into CUSEEME some time between the 14-16 of
October, when he will be in South Africa to conduct a lecture tour. Those of
you who know Terence, will also know that this is a unique opportunity to
combine the ultimate biological, and, technological, attributes of our
newage. Terence's views on time and space during a CUSEEME videoconference
*must* rate as a 'high' point of the cyber-year.

But this can only happen IF someone is able to make a fast reflector
available to me during this time.

I'd like to make this happen, but i'm not a tech, only a sci-fi writer and
journalist with a 33,600 modem, P120, 48 RAM, video capture card and a sharp
video camera, so i'm probably gonna need some help with the conference.

I'm hoping a friendly sysop will come to my rescue, and if there are any out
there out there who'd like to be involved, please mail me directly.