Cuseeme and Quickcam problem
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 20:34:26 -0600

If there are any Mac users out there who have the bugs worked out I'd
appreciate your help. I'm on a powermac 6100, with a 28.8 global village
platinum modem. I have incredible lockup problems and system bombs and
there seems to be no rhyme or reason; some nights I don't crash at all and
some I can't stay on more than ten minutes. I have disabled all extensions
I think I can get away with, including ram doubler. I have compression
options turned off on the modem. I have tried every kind of send/recv
settings I've seen other mac users using. Sometimes I can run great at
10/28 and sometimes I can barely or not stay on set as low as 2/10(which
means I don't get any vid anyway so it is hardly worth it if it works). I
have tried several fresh copies of the cornell beta software, powerpc
version, and am fixing to try the non powermac version. The enhanced white
pine demo died almost immediately and I've heard mac people say the beta
version has less bugs anyway.
I am at wits end, can someone PLEASE help me????