Re: bugs

Wyzton Borrero (
Tue, 1 Oct 1996 22:57:23 GMT

>If there are any Mac users out there who have the bugs worked out I'd
>appreciate your help.

Hi, I am on a PM 8500 and haven't got troubles so far,
Sys 7.5.5, FreePPP 2.52, SupraFaxModem 28.8, 64MB RAM.
I have even tried to go up high like 10/200 and it still works
with no crashes. Also, I have tons of extensions loaded.
I have Cu-see Me 0.83b3 PowerPC, 8 MB allocated.

Maybe give me more info and i can help :-),
Open Transport?, PPP?, version?
Video Digitizer?
Cu-See Me?
Ram allocation?

----->>may the net be with you<<------

Wyzton E. Borrero P.
Multimedia Artist