RE: Quickcam problems

Harry (
Wed, 02 Oct 1996 14:12:50 -0700

From: Ralph Clark <>
"I am running Cuseeme v. W0.84b7 with a Connectix B/W Quickcam on a
pentium 75 with 16 megs of memory. Every time I run Cuseeme I get an
error message telling me the "Device is allready is use" and "Invalid
Handle" Any idea why this is so? I also have the software for the
Snappy Video Capture device installed too. I get just b/w garbage on the
screen after the error message. Any help would be welcome!"

Yes, Ralph welcome to the club. I have the same exact problem with a
25Mzh 386DX. The problem is with QUICKCAM and QUICKCAM alone. (Try
opening up QuickMovie - no internet needed - and you will get the same
results) I email Connectix; the reply was that I should call their 1800
number for an answer. I may try that. However, since the cam is at
home and I am never home before 6pm on weekdays, I am skeptical that
anyone will answer. True, I have not tried to call yet; my contempt
prior to investigation is based on the comic book-like owners manual.
This manual is so lacking in technical information and especially void
of troubleshooting that people at BORLAND snicker;-)

Ralph if you have time during the weekday, can you call them and if by
chance they actually have a solution, would ya be a pal and reply back
to this list with that answer?!

The only answer/hack/roll-of-the-dice I have found is one of 2 things.
Go to Video setup in CU and click on FORMAT or SOURCE. SOMETIMES you
Can get these sub-windows to come up and when you play with the
settings, SOMETIMES quickcam comes back.

The other method is even less palatable; close your tcpip connection,
RESTART windows, and try it again. And no promises that either method

Good luck Ralph!
old-fart-text-oriented surfer trudging the NEW INTERNET!