Can't CU or SeeMe

Rob Eldridge (
Wed, 02 Oct 1996 23:47:57 -0700

I'm having some troubles @ startup running a previously OK
CU-SeeMe/Windows '95 version. At first, my local window would sometimes
be be off screen, as noted in a bug report I read somewhere. This
wasn't too much of a problem, as I'd just resize the desktop & go get
Now, I don't get the local vid window at all, OR th control panels
[audio & video] either. All I get is the "front page" [splash
screen?="CU-SeeMe, for Windows, copyright Cornell, etc."], and it
doesn't close after :05 anymore. It stays there, mocking me, until I
CNTL-ALT-DEL my way out of CU-SeeMe. As I do that, I get a couple nasty
error messages: closesocket()error closing udpsocket(10036) followed
by: WSACleanup () error (10036).
Any available advice, fixes, commiserations, or zesty chile recipes
would be appreciated.

Rob Eldridge