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Rob Eldridge (
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 13:09:47 -0700

Boyum, Richard wrote:
> I saw your posting on the CUSEME list. I have been having similar
> problems. My major headache is that the files window (File, edit,
> connect,etc) has disappeared. You mention resizing screen and going to
> get it... How???

Well, my "files window" is missing too, [what I referred to as
"control panels for audio/video"].
The "screen resizing" I mentioned was to go find the "local video
window" when it "slid" off the viewable screen area.
To do this, [in Win95] go to My Computer>>Control
Panel>>Display>>Settings. On the lower right of "Settings", find
"Desktop area". The default setting pointer will be al the way left @
"640 by 480 pixels". Drag it to the right to say, oh, "800 by 600
pixels" & click "OK". A "Display Properties" box'll come up telling you
not to freak out while Windows resizes your desktop [don't freak
out,<g>]. Click OK, & your screen ill dump to black for a sec & come
back resized, allowing you to search for anything that might be "off
screen". Screen will auto reset in :15, unless you tell WIN to keep the
new size.
Like I say, this worked well for finding the CU-SeeMe local vid
window; if it was off screen, just dragged it back to viewable area.
But if you don't see your CU "files window" "lurking" off screen, [as I
don't think you will; as I don't either :-( ] then you obv. can't drag
it back to viewable desktop area.

I also remember some reference to the problem of a window disappearing
> and there being a way to go to an ini. file to re-enter the location of
> it. (Of course I saw that before I had the problem.) Do you know of any
> way to do that?

No, but it sounds like a possible fix. Anyone?....

Rob Eldridge
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