Re: Quickcam problems

Harry (
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 12:54:11 -0700

Jacqueline Chados wrote:

> The more of these I read, the gladder I am that I went with the COMPRO
> instead of the CONNECTIX camera!


During lunch, I called Connectix tech support. Here's what the nice
young girl said:
LPT1 must be used.
LPT1 must be bi-directional/EPP.

First thing that comes to mind is WHY ISNT THIS INFO ON THE CONNECTIX
WEB PAGE since it 100% conflicts with what's in the owners manual???!!!!

Since she asked before we got into the problem, the young girl knew I
had a 386 DX machine. When told that the port had to be switched to
bi-directional/EPP, I made it a point to ask if that was possible in
386's. The reply was "of course".

I cannot say that I have ever tried to alter CMOS settings for a PLT
port, so who am I to argue? But I remain skeptical; I will pop into the
Dell's cmos and see if I do have the option of making LPT1

QUESTION: DO they sell I/O cards with BI-DIRECTIONAL ports that will
work in 386DX (ISA) slots?

Thanks to all for thier input.