Re: PTT audio crashing on Mac v.85b1

John Ingham (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 11:21:53 +0930

Jeff said (in part)...

>Hi all,
> I was wondering if someone could help me out. I've been trying to
>get audio to work using CUSeeMe v.85b1 between two PPC machines.
> The setup
> PowerMac 7500
> 32Meg Ram
> 28.8 modem
> system 7.5.3r2
> CUSeeMe v.85b1
> Video Camera hooked to video in port
> PowerMac 7200
> 24Meg Ram
> 28.8 modem
> system 7.5.2
> CUSeeMe v.85b1
> B/W Quickcam
> Video works okay. I am able to connect to reflectors and see and hear
>everything nicely. I hear audio off the NASA reflector.
> When I hit the PTT my machine hangs consistantly. (I'm on the 7500)
> I had the same problem under .83

I think I have some good news for you Jeff!

Some time ago I created a new thread called "Suspect MacOS 7.5.3 or Open
Transport" in which I stated that I was having trouble running CUSM or
Enhanced CUSM on a PCI Macintosh 7200 running MacOS 7.5.3 and Open
Transport. The symptoms were slowdown of the Graphical User Interface and
total lock-up whenever I tried to speak. In other words, exactly the same
symptoms you report Jeff.

I cured my problem by the upgrading my IP client to FreePPP 2.5v2. I am
now able to run system 7.5.3 and Open Transport and my Graphical User
Interface is responsive and there is no sign of lockup when I speak.

You didn't state your IP client Jeff but I'll bet it's not FreePPP 2.5v2 -
probably a previous version like FreePPP 2.5rf. You can downlown FreePPP
2.5v2 (as I remember it) from

Let's know how you go Jeff.

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