Camera sources/prices

Anthony Olejnik (
Fri, 04 Oct 96 11:49:07 -0400


I checked the web site as well as the readme files on the FTP site and
was unable to find answers to the following questions. Could someone
please help me out on these.

Many thanks in advance.


Q: Does the latest Solaris version of Cornell's Reflector (v4.00B3)
run on Solaris v2.5.x (specifically Solaris v2.5.1)?

Q: What version of Solaris was the "Reflector for Solaris v4.00B3"
'tested' on? I *think* Solaris v2.2 was the latest (last year -
Oct 27th 1995 - which is when v4.00B3 for solaris is dated)

Q: Is a commercial version of the Reflector available?
(if so, does it support Solaris v2.5.1 (which is what I'm running))

Many thanks.