A few questions :-)

James Crittenden (jamesc3@ix.netcom.com)
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 07:28:43 -0700

Dear Cu-seeme buddies:

It has been awhile since I have been on this list. In fact it has been four
months. That is b/c I had no cpu due to the fact that my connectix cam blew
out my motherboard (2xs). But in any case a lot of things has improved.
Not just with the connectix software but also w/my isp account. Netcruiser
never passed a line in my town more than 26.6 or 27.1. Now it is passing
most of the time at 28.8. But that is not why i am bothering you guys at
the list.

I have the cu-seeme enhanced 2.01. I love it!! My audio is great and my
pics w/most of the guys at the reflectors are fine as well. I was wondering
if anyone could give me feedback with the 2.02 cu-seeme that is being
solicited on the Web Page. Is there much of a difference from what most of
us have and the new version.

Second, has anyone attempted to use the new connectix video software,
(version 1.12 & 2.0*beta). I heard that it is suppose to be tcp/ip
supported. I also heard that it works well but I could not get it to work
on my system.

Last, what is the story w/freevue. Has it been taken off the internet. I
attempted to log onto their home page and I receive nothing. Further, their
freevue software no longer logs onto to their server.

It has been nice posting on the list again.


p.s. tell bill woodland hi :-)