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>> Subject: Uninstalling White Pine's CU
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>> How do you UN-INSTALL White Pine's demo cu-seeme?
>> I do not have a uninstaller and I really dont want to but one just
>> to undo WP. Other than pruning the whitepine directory, what DLLs
>> in my windows tree will I have to grap out OR REPLACE.
>look at your win.ini and system.ini files...
>There must be a place where WP stores the information about previous
>demo installations. Bill W., any idea?
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Thanks to Robert Butler for the info on his win95 install and the files that
got updated. When I get my update via cdrom, I'll see what I can find out
on win 3.1. I'll be installing it here at home under win95, and at my
office on win 3.1, so perhaps I can do a dir of windows\system to a file
beforehand, and another afterwards, and see the files that get updated. I
don't think the install makes a log file on win 3.1, so I might have to get
sneaky with it :)

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