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Alysa Bono (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 14:41:21 -0400

Sorry Stephen and whoever else reads this. I was in such a rush before.
I am not starting from scratch. I would need the video capture board,
speakers, microphone, video camera, and a video capture board. I am
using a Windows based machine. It is a Compaq Prolinea 466. I have
everything else that I need. I would really appreciate your input on
what products are the best to get my feet wet with until I find out how
involved my company should get with all this. I see us very soon going
to confrence room videoconferencing. I just need something to show the
suits how this new technology works. Thanks for all your help, and if I
left out any information please let me know. Thank you, Alysa

Stephen A. Stiner wrote:
> >Hi. I was wondering if someone could answer some questions for me
> >before I go out to buy all of the hardware I need. I would like to know
> >some of the prices that you paid for your equipment. I need to know
> >because I have to present this to my boss before he gives me the o.k to
> >go ahead with this expirement. Thanks. Alysa
> Alysa, are you planning to start from scratch with new computers, etc., or
> do you have existing computers you intend to use. If the latter, it would
> help to know which computers and operating system(s) you're using.
> Regards,
> Stephen
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