No response from

Gordon Pyle (
Tue, 8 Oct 1996 12:41:52 -0700

My week old reflector still does not respond to clients (like me!). Here is
an example from the log:

Client at source is opening a connection
updating client client count 0 seq 0
updating client Cts client count 0 seq 92
Time: Mon Oct 7 23:00:00 1996 Pkts in 5 Pkts out 4 kbits/sec in 0
kbits/sec out 0
Closing connection from Cts
holding down client Cts

It seems like tuning is the answer, or is it because I am using a Sparc 1+
with 16Mb RAM and that isn't fast enough? Is the correct login Root or
user? I have studied the various web sites and Michael Sattlers' book
Internet TV, without finding details on such a reflector problem.

Thanks all!