840AV w/Qcam and PPP problems

Sean Hennessee (sean@mint.net)
Wed, 09 Oct 1996 15:36:01 -0700

I've got a Quadra 840AV. When running cuseeme with the builtin video
everything works fine, (but I don't have my own video camera). When
running with the B&W QuickCam, I can connect and use cuseeme for about 3
or 4 minutes before my PPP connection drops. Until then everything
works fine, although it is a little slow at 14.4. I'm running OT1.1,
PPP from Apple (I think), and MacOS 7.5.5. I've got a 14.4 PPI modem,
and yes, I have downloaded the latest drivers for the Qcam.

It seems to last longer if I cut the grays from 256 to 16 and don't open
many windows, (like none). But it still disconnects within 5 or 6
minutes. Using the built-in video I can stay on all day.

Is anyone else having problems with a QuickCam on an 840AV? Any ideas
on what the problem could be?