Help with timeouts and audio

Eddie Jenkinson (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 01:26:28 +0100

I wonder if anyone can help me please. I haveinstalled the Cornell CU =
see me. Things seem to work reasonably well (although I cant get any =
audio). But after a few mins I get a connection timed out error message. =

After that I cannot access anything via my internet dial up link =
although the programs load (for instance mail hangs IE3 cant get any =
pages etc etc).
The only cure for this is to drop the call reboot and set it all up =

I am running CUseeme on a Cyrix 150 Mhz PC with 48 Meg Ram. Dial up is =
at 28.8, and using Win 95. Camera is a Quick Cam. I noticed the same =
phenomenon when I tried the WP enhanced version which I have since =
Uninstalled and reinstalled Cornell. I thought the timeout in the WP =
version was deliberate but think this is coming too quickly (2-3 mins).

Eddie Jenkinson