Third Parties Debate on ISP-TV

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Wed, 9 Oct 1996 20:10:01 -0400

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement: Third Parties Debate ***

Repeated often from Wednesday, Oct. 9, until noon Friday, Oct. 11.

ISP-TV will carry video from the 1996 Presidential Debate sponsored by
The International Cente for Economic Justice and the George Mason
University School of Law. Candidates include: Harry Browne (Libertarian
Party), John Hagelin (Natural Law Party), and Howard Phillips (National
Taxpayers Party). These three candidates are on the ballot in enough
states to have a mathematical chance of winning the election.

World Workers Party candidate Monica Moorehead also makes a "suprise

This video interview can be viewed on the ISP-TV main CU-SeeMe reflector
at IP, or other ISP-TV affiliate reflectors listed at

It will be played repeatedly from Oct. 9 until noon Oct. 11.

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