I keep getting email about this...launching CU from a web page

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 00:35:49 -0500

I keep getting email from people asking how to do this, so I' thought I'd
send it to the list. I don'w know why it isn't in some of the smaller
readme files or somehoe easier to get to. I have also added this info to my
web page:

The WP version supports this. This info right from the White Pine CU-seeMe
manual (abbreviated...I'm too lazy to type the whole thing):

web page link points to a .cu or .csm file as in <a
href="cornell.csm">Cornell University</a>

.cu or .csm file contains:
ip address
file options

file options can be:[settings]
max windows=n
[flow control]]
useflowcontrol=yes or no
[connect options]
iwillsendvideo=yes or no
iwillrecvvideo=yes or no
iwillsendaudio=yes or no
iwillrecvaudio=yes or no

web server must include application/x-cu-seeme cu csm

web browser must have mime type:application and mime subtype:x-cu-seeme and
file extensions of .cu and .csm

windows users: make sure Enhanced CU is in your path, or specify the entire
pathname for the exe file when setting up the mime type in Netscape.
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