Re:DC NIGHT mares

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 18:12:04 -0500

Just FYI people...hte names have been removed to prthe innocent :)

>Hello all,
>This is a note for anyone who has had difficulty direct connecting
>(dc'ing). If your not interested, just throw this email in the
>My bf and i have been trying to dc for about 2 months now, and last
>night we *finally* got it to work smoothly. Some of the difficulties
>we had include missing chat, no vid, and lag times of 40 seconds were
>not uncommon. He has a pc, running wp ver 2.1 and a 288 modem, I
>have a mac, running wp ver 2.0 and a T1 connection.
>The trick seems to be the trans and recept settings. Once we matched
>our settings dc'ing was a dream. The settings we use are:
>trans. min=5, max=15
>recep. min=5, max=28
>So there it is! I hope someone finds this information helpful, and
>that NO ONE has to go through the dc hell that i have.

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