Bandwith parameters?

Jesus Arango (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 18:01:46 -0500

I am new in this list, so forgive me if the questions are too stupid

1) When I set the max kbits/sec above 90 on my cu-seeme I get a =
message saying that I exeeded maximum trams. rate. Why is this happening =
if I have the rate cap on 300 in my reflector ?

2) How should I setup any bandwith parameters on CU-SeeMe or the =
reflector if I plan to show video to dial-up users and all have 28.8 =
modems? How many frames/sec can I achive if I also transmit audio with a =
good tuned up configuration?

3) How do I subscribe to reflector mailing list?

Thanks in advanve

- Jesus